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The Mini Tour Two

4 Hours Duration

Departure time: 16:30 from your accomodation

This tour can be morning or afternoon. Depending on the preferred hours, there will be a slight difference in the destinations’ schedule.

1st stop: Flerio. The Sanctuary, the ancient marble quarry and the Kouroi.

As you slowly walk in the area of Flerio your senses and feelings overflow by the amazing canvas painted by Nature and History.

In this area, in late 5th century BC people had formed a thriving community by carving the marble of the quarry into the forms of the Kouroi (singular: Kouros), imposing male statues weighing from 5 to 7 tones each, and in early 6th century BC, the equivalent female statues of the same magnitude, the Kores (singular: Kore). These statues were made as offerings to the gods and goddesses of this brilliant era. In this same quarry the famous Colossus of the Naxians, a 9m high Kouros, was carved and shipped to the Sanctuary of Apollo in Delos Island.


2nd stop: Moni village. The Weavers of Tradition

As you enter this small but very unique village of Naxos which is located right in the middle of the island, you cannot stop wondering whether you have taken a trip back to time. The women of Moni are weavers and you can see them weaving on their wooden looms, the same way Penelope, the queen of Ithaca, was weaving thousands of years ago as she was waiting her king Odysseus to return from Troy.

3rd stop: Apiranthos village. Authenticity over the centuries

As you enter the village of Apiranthos you are awed by the view, since the village is located at an altitude of 670m and proudly gazes at the Aegean Sea.

The first historical references of the “Aperathou” village, as the local people call it, date back to 1420 AD. You can see it, you can feel it and you can hear it as you stroll on the marble paved alleys and listen to the unique dialect of the locals. The village hosts 5 museums in which History, tradition, folklore and Geology intertwine as a proof of its authenticity. You will admire impressive architecture of stone built towers and originally imaginative craftsmanship of embroidery from the women of the village when you visit the Woven Products Cooperation exhibition. Reward yourselves with a coffee or refreshments in one of the picturesque “Kafenia” (coffee & sweets shops) and taste some local home-made sweets that will keep you going with the island’s exploration.


Last stop: Tragea. Chalkion or Chalki village

Now we are at Chalki, the first capital of the island which is located in the heart of Naxos and is surrounded by olive tree groves and citrus fruit tree orchards. Walk around a village of fine neoclassic architecture buildings, and admire Byzantine churches and towers of the 6th to 11th century AD. Visit the “Kitron” Distillery, the oldest organized traditional distillery on the island and go shopping in the small shops where you can find all the local treasures of the land of Naxos, from local cheese and wine to home-made marmalades and liqueurs made from the fruit of the island.